Wind in the Forest

After Germany decided to consequently rely mainly on renewable energy and no nuclear power, the use of forests open a huge potential. Volkswind has already raised more than 300 wind turbines, of which many on forest locations with very great experience. This graph shows the main advantages and features of a forest location dedicated to wind energy. 

Reference Project: “Kalteiche”

Project Data

Location: Siegen-Wittgenstein, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Tree population: working forest (mainly pinewoods)
Number of turbines: 3 WTG
Manufacturer / Model: Fuhrländer / FL-2500
Rated Power / Turbine: 2,5 MW
Hub Height / Rotor Diameter: 85m / 100m
COD: December 2010

Construction Phase

Duration: 3 months
Basement area / Turbine: about 300 m²
Access area / Turbine: about 850 m²
Total sealed area / Turbine: about 1,600 m2 (included road extension)
Cut Trees / Turbine: 100 Trees
Cabling: 0m under the earth’s surface along the roads
Timberland extension: 4,5m wide

Environmental Issues

Compensating measures:Natural regeneration (2.5 ha)
Settlement of pastures
Distance to houses:more than 1,000m
Acoustic and shadow control:unobjectionable
Specific features:Use of a kyrill area
Separate installation of blades (minimum of forest clearance)
3-yearly birds study after setting-up operation