Value Creation within the Municipalities

The name Volkswind (Volk = People) is at the same time our program and our commitment. For the municipalities we develop local, renewable energy concepts, which we afterwards construct and operate. The sustainable presence of the created value within the municipality is thereby our goal. To reach this goal, there are several possibilities, which we discuss and implement closely with the municipalities and its people. The project can only by this way obtain the approbation and the acceptance from the locals.

Public Participation

The participation of the citizens increases their acceptance and support. In the form of an energy cooperative the citizens can directly participate of the success of the wind park through the subscription of shares. The participation and the organization can be organized by the regional cooperative unions and the local banks. However, the cooperative should be only managed by the citizens and the municipality.

Benefit to the Citizens

Thanks to a donation, local projects such as kindergartens or sport activities can be given support. For that purpose, part of the net energy production goes to a non-commercial local fund, which is directly managed by the citizens.

Attractive Energy Price

The on-site-produced renewable energy can be used to support an attractive local energy price. Volkswind works together with local utilities in order to provide the required infrastructure and security for a local discounted energy tariff.

100% local business tax

In order to pay 100% of the business tax to the local municipality, the legal structure of the wind park will be structured accordingly.

Local Companies

Volkswind aims to involve local companies, not only during the construction of the wind farm but also during the later operations. Hence additional labor force and know-how will be build up in a new growth industry sector.