Repowering means that old wind turbines are replaced by new, powerful ones. The new turbine can be installed either on the same location or on another one, either in the same or in the adjacent district. The old wind turbines are generally sold, for example to be operated abroad.

Since 2009 the new turbines, which are installed in substitution for the old ones, benefit from the repowering-bonus. Land owners, municipalities and operators do not only earn a higher production thanks to the much more efficient turbine, but also a higher remuneration. 

This picture shows an Enercon E-40 from 1999, which was replaced by a Vestas V112. The generator output had been increased by 5, the hub height by 1.5, und the rotor by 1.8. End-to-end the total height of the old turbines equals 68 meters, whereas the total height of the new ones equals 175 meters. The extension of the dimensions has increased the production by 11 from 800 MWh to 9,500 MWh. Whereas 500 people could be provided with energy prior the repowering, now are 6,300 people provided with renewable energy.