Volkswind takes care of the complete development process

Maintenance and Operation of your Wind Farm

Volkswind is actively engaged in the full life cycle of a wind project, from development through to operations. Careful management of our operating assets allows us to gather valuable experience, benefiting both new and existing projects. In addition, the maintenance and operations phase of a project creates jobs for local staff. 

Service and maintenance are crucial for the profitable operation of wind turbines. All systems are continually monitored and controlled by means of remote monitoring. In the event of faults, technical problems can be quickly identified and solved. Thanks to our excellent contacts with manufacturers, we are in a position to efficiently monitor and coordinate external maintenance staff, guaranteeing smooth operation of the systems.

Thorough and conservative project data gives comfort to our financing partners – cost-intensive interim finance is not required. Equity and financing of the project is optimized with respect to taxes, leverage, and owner or shareholder conditions, along with precise accounting and record-keeping.



Community Guillonville, France

"The cooperation between our community and Volkswind has worked out very well since the early beginning of the planning, and the whole development process of the wind farm was very transparent. For our community, Volkswind...[more]

Category: Gemeinden

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