Volkswind takes care of the complete development process

Development of your Wind Farm

In general, development begins with an analysis of the location and wind conditions. This is followed by precise wind assessments as well as shadow flicker and noise emission surveys. We commission landscape and ecological surveys, drawing on our network of specialists. Individual negotiations are conducted with local authorities, residents and energy suppliers in order to fulfill various regional and international procedural regulations.

We submit the building application and obtain all necessary permissions - right through to the constructin phase. We plan the extension or new construction of tracks and the connection to the public electricity network. This is where our technical, business and legal expertise comes into play as well as our negotiation skills which we have developed through numerous previous projects.

It is our policy to help local communities and economies benefit from the development of a wind farm in their area. We achieve this through community benefit schemes and by using local companies during the construction phase wherever possible. We do not perceive such compensatory measures as a tiresome burden but rather as an important part of the project.



"Quality, sustainability and reliability characterize Volkswind's business approach and turn them into a trustworthy partner of high value. We appreciate their professionalism and their approach to conducting business". [more]

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