Statements of belief do not help

A company from Ganderkesee [Northern Germany] relies on the mainland electricity production only and stays clear of Offshore projects at present. [more]

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Less is more

Repowering, meaning the exchange of old turbines for fewer, more powerful new ones, lags years behind expectations. If climate change is to be prevented, this situation needs to be changed. There are plenty of advantages. The...[more]

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Energy law and and wind energy decree

For some the new novel is "a perfecet EEG (energy law)". For others it is far beyond the necessary requirements. The direction at least seems to be the right, this shows the participation of the states. So far many of them didn't...[more]

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Wind in the forest

The fact that wind energy is the most proven and cost effective form of renewable energy was not evident only through recent discussions. To recognize this potential and use it in a sustainable way is an important milestone in...[more]

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IKEA buys its first wind farms in France

As a premiere the Swedish company has acquired three wind farms from the German wind farm developer Volkswind. The produced energy will cover the energy demand from 19 IKEA stores.[more]

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Suzlon enters into Joint Venture with Volkswind Bulgaria

Suzlon Wind Energy A/S the European division of Suzlon Energy has entered into a joint venture with Volkswind Bulgaria GmbH through the company DIV Wind. Volkswind Bulgaria is a subsidiary of Germany Volkswind GmbH, one of the...[more]

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Volkswind in France

The company Volkswind from Ganderkesee has mainly been planning wind farms since 1993. The planning has always been decentralized and on a regional level with rather small projects, sensitevely integrated into the landscape with...[more]

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