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New permissions - Repowering

For Volkswind, the year has started with several successful project results. On the back of the continued operation of established projects in Germany and France Volkswind has managed to secure permissions in three further markets.

In Montana, USA, the company developed a 20MW wind farm project with Power Purchase Agreement and grid connection within only three years. At the end of 2011 the project also succeeded to secure the Cash-Grant subsidy in order to finish construction in 2012.. The project was sold  to the turbine manufacturer Goldwind.

 In the Polish market Volkswind fully developed a 24MW project. Situated in central Poland the project has reached a grid connection contract together with all necessary permissions in order to be build in 2012.

A further success has been celebrated in the UK where Volkswind obtained a building permit in December 2011 for a 12.5MW wind farm in the Northamptonshire region. This wind farm has the potential to provide the energy equivalent of up to 7.000 households.

The first repowering projects were realised in the German counties Goslar and Wolfenbüttel. Together with a 2.5 times height increase and a rotor doubled in length, the output of the  Immenrode Wind Farm has considerably increased. The two Enercon E40’s had an output of 500kW and were replaced by two Vestas V90 and one Vestas V112, meaning that the energy output has been multiplied by a factor of seven.