Patrice J. (French Farmer)

"Having a cereal downturn in the region it was necessary to obtain an additional income. The VW project was revolutionary for this region. Speed and tough organizational structures were appreciated by all participants. The project started in February and the last of the 30 turbines were finished in September". 2012


Adelheid S. (German Farmer)

"I was looking for a professional wind farm developer that could help me generate higher profits out of my land holding. With Volkswind I found an experienced international developer that assisted me with every single step in order to achieve my goal". 2013


Violette C. (French Farmer)

"In France the promotion for renewable energy just started. With Volkswind I found a German developer with over 10 years of experience. It's a pity that I don't have more land to make more business with Volkswind". 2012



Community Guillonville, France

"The cooperation between our community and Volkswind has worked out very well since the early beginning of the planning, and the whole development process of the wind farm was very transparent. For our community, Volkswind is a very reliable and sincere company with premium references. They have perfectly integrated "our" wind farm, which is one of the biggest in France, and we can even use it as a tourist attraction". 2011


Community Egeln, Germany

"Your operating companies have always shown profits over the past years.(...) As these payments continue to grow (...) local authorities can count on significant constantly rising tax revenues". 2012




"Volkswind is one of our largest customers in key markets like Germany and France. We are enjoying working together with Volkswind and appreciate their in-depth technical understanding and credible behaviour". 2010



"Volkswind is one of the major developers in France. During the whole process we enjoyed their efficiency and in-depth experiences to coordinate all parties. In order to continue this cooperation and trusting partnership we signed a framework agreement to develop further projects with a specified number of turbines until 2013". 2011



Bremer Landesbank

"Professionalism ist a key factor for sustainable success in an international business environment. Volkswind has been demonstrating its professionalism for almost 15 years and we are looking forward to continuing the mutually rewarding business relationship with this strong and reliable partner". 2012

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Oldenburgische Landesbank

"We have worked together with Volkswind since 1993. During this time we enjoyed a truthful, credible and always predictable relationship." 2012

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Other Partners

DIFKO (Danish Investor)

"Volkswind provides project development of highest quality standards based on a solid in depth knowledge of the wind business. We appreciate their professionalism and the friendly athosphere in which business in conducted". 2010



"Quality, sustainability and reliability characterize Volkswind's business approach and turn them into a trustworthy partner of high value. We appreciate their professionalism and their approach to conducting business".



"The wind farm brings improvements in the quality of life for the people through close and positive cooperation between the operator and the local authority". 2010



"Responsibility for people and the environment plays an important role in IKEA's business model. Producing renewable electricity in France is part of our long-term objective. The windfarms acquired from Volkswind produce roughly as much electricity as consumed by 18 IKEA stores. We are glad to have found an experienced developer and producer of wind energy and hope to cooperate on many more projects". 2011