In 1993 the two founders of Volkswind, Martin Daubner and Matthias Stommel installed their first 500 kW turbine. To this day this turbine still belongs to Volkswind and continues reliable, low-maintenance energy production. This first installation accomplished Volkswind business model as an Independent Power Producer and established the company as a pioneer in Germany. In 2015 Volkswind was taken over by Axpo and is thus well prepared for an increasingly deregulated market.

Volkswind was a first mover in establishing successful new locations in emerging markets. In 2006, Volkswind built the largest wind farm in France at that time with 60 MW. Today Volkswind is under the largest developers in France.

The business model relies on the initial phase of planning of the wind farm in conjunction with landowners, the communities and the state. The development phase then goes on to include the erection of the meteorological mast. During the construction phase we have experience building project sizes ranging from a single wind turbine up to several towers in a single project. Thereafter Volkswind ensures an efficient and sage maintenance and operating phase.

Volkswind's history is consistent with its Mission to be a leading Independent Power Producer in high potential markets, focussing  on highest quality standards.

The long term Vision is to establish a geographically diversified portfolio with different wind regimes and tariff systems, in order to secure a stable energy supply.

Since its foundation Volkswind has built up an extensive workforce knowledge. In each country subsidiary, Volkswind employs local people in order to establish local expertise. Today less than 50% of the employees are German. The company boasts an impressive 40% female workforce contributing to the success especially in the management and in many technical areas.